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Program Directory. This additionally Only matters if you are doing what I'm with addins. As soon as the API opened up in 2010, I started to get worried in regards to the Black Hole of assist that would be coming, and- sure sufficient- its starting. So many addins are coming out, and folks want them. Then updates and changes becomes a administration sinkhole. Well… You could have options. Installed sometimes, they sit on the customers machines. You probably have strong SCCM help, or another mechanism, you'll be able to auto-push updates to DLL’s on to machines. We've got it, however it’s still cumbersome. So, we are placing the entire DLL’s (basically installing the addins) on the Beck Network. We configure those Shares with Sync Heart (previously Offline Files in WinXP), so disconnected laptops still work. In 2012, you might do that without any modifications to the program.

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