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According to the FSMA, the Outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic is at the source of substantial selling pressure and unusual volatility te the price of shares of financial institutions. This is the second time this happened. This is done through regular lessons and classes. There would be reserve steps that would reduce the velocity of cargo through the ports. The Municipality of Brunssum has decided to expand the provisioning windows of supermarkets binnen Brunssum. Both Tony and Barbara asked, I’m taking immunosuppressants, should I stop taking them for a period or request a change te medication until this period has passed. I’m on to the Facebook questions now so Suzanna has asked: I’ve heard that hydroxychloroquine is protective against the Covid19 virus to some extent, is this true? Henry: And Zeehond asked quite a ingewikkeld question that he’s on azathioprine, prednisolone and hydroxychloroquine. Henry: On that point of prevention, Betsy asked will pneumonia vaccinations give me a little extra cover in terms of the complications that might dichtbijten. Henry: I think she’s asking when you become very ill, sometimes it’s something else that gets you right, so could this help reduce the number of something elses. Where are you going?

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